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“We do not live in a praying age. I think it would be perfectly safe to say, that the church of Christ was never in all its so history so fully and skillfully organized as it is today. Our machinery is wonderful, and it is just perfect; but alas it is machinery without power; and when things do not go right, instead of going to the real source of our failure, our neglect to depend upon God and to look to God for power, we look around to see if there is not some new organization that we can set up, some new wheel that we can add to our machinery. We have altogether too many wheels already. What we need is not new organization, not some new wheel, but the “Spirit of the living creature in the wheels” which we already possess. Prayer has as much power today, when men and women are themselves on praying ground and meeting the conditions of prevailing prayer, as it ever had. So let’s get on our knees and ask, claim, and BELIEVE!” –Unknown Christian


“Ask, then; ask, and ye shall receive. Ask for humility, wisdom, courage, increase of faith. To every sincere prayer an answer will come. It may not come just as you desire, or at the time you look for it; but it will come in the way and at the time that will best meet your need. – Gospel Workers, p. 254


“God is willing to do great things for his people, and he has promised that if we ask we shall receive; but many fail to grasp the promises of blessed assurance and help…” ST, December 8, 1890 par. 4

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the WHOLE earth, to shew himself STRONG in behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward Him….” II Chron 16:9


UNITED Prayer Testimonies 

I’ve never had an experience like I had at the united prayer meeting.  Wow!  God be Praised.  You’re together with other prayer warriors, coming together before the King of the Universe.  I’ve always wondered how Jesus could have prayed for so long when he was on earth.  Not anymore, the time passes quickly.  There is such a special unity of bonding, of hearts just praising, requesting and pleading for the miracles of God.  Also praying over other peoples request, and feeling and understanding what others are going through.  You really sense that you are not alone in your battles.  God’s Heart must ache so much for his children who are hurting.  This has been such an encouragement for my life.  I will never, ever be the same.  Prayer has now become such a major impacting part of my life.  I just want to Praise God! – Robert V. –  Sunnyvale, CA

With David, I have cried out to God Most High, to God who performs ALL THINGS for me! Coming to the united prayer meeting early in the morning has proved to me that this early morning prayer devotional time, is the most important time of the day! YOU God, are here with us, YOU are listening, YOU are healing, YOU are answering every request presented! I sense YOUR presence in this very room! YOU spared my life 2 years ago, for such a time as this! It is my desire to take this experience back to our Church, to introduce this united way of  praying to a Laodicea family! Most importantly, my personal prayer life has been tremendously strengthened; the privilege of praying with and for precious souls is a marvelous blessing!!! Seeing the results of this type of prayer answered is absolutely the most powerful FAITH BUILDER!  Claim His promises daily, He is holding your hand in HIS almighty victorious right hand, do not worry. . . He knows the plans for your life today!  – Raytha O. Prayer Warrior/ Women’s Ministry Leader, San Jose, CA

Never before have I experienced the power of prayer like I have here at Soquel Camp meeting this year.  Praying in a new format, praising and confessing unto the Lord before laying my requests and petitions on the altar has been something that has opened my heart in a new way.  Many years worth of bitterness and anger, along with blame had put layers of hardness over my heart, but God is breaking up the soil of my soul and producing fertile ground again!  Praise God!!  I am expectantly waiting to see where He is leading me after this awesome experience.  Many thanks and praises to Our Heavenly Father for the prayer leaders that have made this possible. – Calvin W. –  A juvenile correctional officer from Fresno, CA

I honestly had little interest to attend the prayer meeting because I was kind of REALLY hungry. But once I got there (even though I was late) my hunger for food instantly went away and was replaced with the hunger for more prayer.  I just wanted to say, I have NEVER cried in a public prayer before this day. – Joshua S. – Weimar Academy Student

United Prayer was the most amazing experience. I was raised a Seventh Day Adventist and have always attended meetings and Bible camps. I grew up knowing our doctrines and professing to have a relationship with God. However something was always missing, it was never real for me. After coming to the prayer meeting, I realized why I had no power in my life. I was missing prayer; I was missing a genuine and powerful prayer life. After experiencing this at ARME, it made me want MORE. I went from a 5-minute prayer life one day to spending one hour of prayer on Thursday and then to 8 hours in the prayer the next day on Friday. I was so inspired by it that I decided to email my youth pastor and tell him what I had experienced. Now I am starting not one but two prayer groups in my area. I love the united prayer meeting because there I am able to experience what I have lacked for so many years and being there encouraged me to make this a daily part of my life. – Allison K.  – 14 years old – Paradise, CA

I wanted a memorable experience when I came to Soquel camp meeting. I wanted to make sure that I benefitted from every sermon I attended and every activity I participated in. Camp meeting was coming to a close and I still felt that there was an inevitable key missing to my experience at camp meeting! My Brother Justin told me about his friend Laurence who had invited him to a prayer meeting that had been apparently going on since the beginning of camp. It wasn’t long and he returned again, this time he invited me. And I loved it! It completed my experience here at Soquel camp meeting. I went for the Saturday sermon that day in peace. And right after the sermon I felt the need to come back to the prayer meeting! It has changed me tremendously. Sometimes the least unrecognized acts are the most powerful. And I think that’s exactly what’s going on in this room. – Siulapwa – Junior in high school, Yuba City CA

Prayer truly is power. If you doubt that the Holy Spirit is real, if you are in a lull, if you don’t know what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit so near to your heart, come to the prayer meeting.  I was born and raised in the church and sometimes church felt routine; but PRAYER, oh how prayer has changed my life. What a humbling, breaking, life shattering kind of spectacular blessing to be in the united prayer meeting with like minded brethren growing and crying and breathing earnest pleas to God. I love this place. God is in this place. I believe EVERY church should have a  place for united prayer, that is in constant prayer arming the believers with words of empowerment. “Thank you Lord for this experience today, you are more than good- you are indescribably awesome and I’m humbled you allowed me to have this blessing.” Go Prayer team! – Florencia T. Student & Copy Editor, South San Francisco, CA

Just want to thank you for your most important ministry. When I came here to camp meeting I was dreading the time because my husband had told me the night before he was moving out. His off and on addictions had put much strain on our marriage. The united prayer room gave me a peaceful haven, and as people prayed for my husband and I, I was encouraged and lifted up. Praying for others also was a gift of added to the peace in my heart, and even though I don’t know the outcome I know God will take care of me! God bless you all! – Anonymous, from CA

[Editors note: This testimony was from the Soquel Camp meeting. Since then this woman and her husband have been reunited and healing is taking place! She also attended the ARME Bible Camp in Leoni.]

I came here to this prayer meeting at Soquel one day simply looking for a quite place to pray and seek guidance for what to say in regard to a testimony I had been asked to share over at the Spanish tent. It was around noontime and I was kind of hungry, too. When I got there, Melissa was getting ready to start. Soon she went around and got all of the participants names and told us that even though we were coming in as strangers we would leave as family, because she had already heard many people say that you could feel a special kind of love in that very room. I thought to myself: “C’mon lady let just get this show on the road. Oh brother I know that this is going to be a long prayer time. I should have just prayed elsewhere.” Well, we ended up singing before we prayed which actually threw another curve ball at me not to mention annoy me even more, since I just wanted to pray and go. However, when we finally ended up praying, I felt a strange thing happen to me. Just a few moments after the first segment of praise, I started to sense an incredible amount of love for every person in the room. To be more specific I recall thinking, I really want to get up right now and hug every person in this room. It was amazing. The rest of my time there was so powerful that I knew I had encountered Jesus. Yes, I KNEW I had been in the presence of Jesus. – David A. Former AFM Missionary, Lyons, IL

First off I thank Brother and Sister Kim for inviting me to the prayer meeting.  I have never experienced prayer like this before.  It was so powerful words can’t describe the presents of Jesus Christ dwelling in the mist of our humble cries and thanks to our heavenly Father. I want a relationship with Jesus Christ and through this prayer meeting, I experienced a taste of it. – Lawrence T. Just released from jail, ex-gang member and pimp, Sacramento, CA   

I had wanted to come to the united prayer meeting since I heard about it.  But I was attending some wonderful seminars and then I needed to be with my kids so I kept missing it.  Finally, on Thursday morning, my husband and I skipped our morning seminar and went to the prayer meeting.  This was a powerful experience!  I have enjoyed a wonderful group of prayer warriors at my home church, but there was something so incredible about this prayer time!  I felt the Holy Spirit so powerfully in this room!  I felt the presence of God this morning!  God has done so much for me to mold me and make me like Him.  I know he has a lot of work to do in me still.  I felt His conviction on my heart and the support and encouragement of those in the prayer room also. Praise God! – Jeri H  Teacher/Education Coordinator, Visalia, CA

My testimony is that I asked God to remove the insecurity from my heart. I came to the prayer meeting knowing that after August 1st I would no longer have a job. As a father of three children I was very concerned for my families well being. The first day at camp meeting I was compelled go to the prayer meeting. When I went into the prayer meeting I asked God to remove anything that would make me fear uncertainty. After several prayer sessions God answered my prayer and took away all fears. I am no longer afraid of uncertainty I now know that God will provide for all my needs and my families. After having my prayer answered I find myself wanting to go back to the prayer meeting. When I am in the prayer meeting I can really feel the Holy Spirit in the place. It is a wonderful feeling to pray for others needs and to praise God for being so good to me. – Mike P. Fresno, CA  

I am so glad that united prayer has been part of my experience. It’s a blessing day by day, moment by moment and I want to encourage ALL of you to come and join this wonderful group. I need many blessings in my life to continue in God’s pathway; therefore I just can’t stop coming back to this awesome prayer group. I have been coming to Soquel for about ten years and this is the FIRST TIME I have experienced the wonders of such blessings!!! Pray, pray and pray! Don’t stop.” – Maryoum S. San Mateo CA

Yes, friends, prayer does work.  I had been in doubt for awhile.  These past few months I have been encountering trial after trial, and wondering if the Lord was answering my prayers.  I would call my prayer partners and have them pray as I doubted that He was listening because of my discouragement and lack of trust.  Praying together as a group and affirming one another’s request this week has restored my faith in prayers again.  I am strengthened, and want to take this prayer life with me after camp meeting.  Thank you for organizing this prayer meeting, a refuge of fortress for us.  I’m coming back again and sharing it with my prayer ministry at church. – Li Shan F. San Rafael, CA 

The untied prayer has tremendously blessed me, because it gave me time to really search my heart, listen to the Holy Spirit’s prompting and not be rushed.  The other people’s prayers also blessed me, teaching me how to pray and to have courage to open up and be transparent.  I believe in the power of prayer and have seen the answers in this prayer meeting happen very fast. The Holy Spirit keeps bringing me back again and again to praise and is opening my heart.  It puts a longing in my heart and I want to continue this after I leave this place.  Praise the Lord that He provided us with this service. – Queenie K, School Office Assistant, Clovis, CA

The first time I came to the united prayer meeting was because my mother had been greatly blessed and she wanted me to share the blessing.  I came, sat, and listened to God’s children lift their voices to him and I was blessed.  Knowing that God hears our prayers immediately and knowing that he knows the desires and concerns of our hearts is amazing. It is comforting to know that He cares and that He forgives and forgets our sins. Having this prayer meeting where everyone is praying for you and encouraging you is absolutely wonderful.  I praise God for this group of people that stay here and sacrifice their time to pray with anyone who comes in. I know this is helping so many people all the time and I love being part of it so I will come back. – Seta K, 21 yr old Student working towards Nursing, Clovis, CA

 I have been active with the CCC prayer team in our conference for 14 years.  This year camp meeting has been a little different in having the ongoing prayer meeting 15 hours a day.  However, God has blessed tremendously as I have seen the Holy Spirit  being poured out to so many people as they have been healed both spiritually and physically.  I personally have been blessed in praying with Melissa, Martin, Liana and others. I praise God for showing me areas in my life that needed to change. What an awesome God we serve and I thank Him for the POWERHOUSE OF PRAYER!! – Joyce M, Pastor’s wife and church prayer ministries leader, Modesto, California

I was aware of the United Prayer meeting when an announcement was made in the main auditorium. Immediately I was impressed by the Holy Spirit to attend on a daily basis. I saw a desperate need for prayer because I was the nightly speaker for the junior tent. For me, as I prepared my sermons, prayer was of utmost importance in reaching the young minds to accept Christ as their Savior; what a huge blessing the prayer meeting has been. Jesus is amazing!!! – Alvin M. Associate Pastor of the Central Filipino Church, Covina, CA

I came across the prayer meeting while in Canby OR. During the   ARME Bible camp, I frequented this prayer group whenever I could.  I was so blessed that I could not refrain from returning back again and again.  I felt the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit every time.  I felt my heart softened by the Spirit of God.  In addition the Lord delivered me from the spirit of bitterness during the camp meeting in Soquel where the group was conducting a all-day prayer meeting.  Immediately after sharing my request before the group, I felt the seeds of bitterness being pulled out of my heart. Tears of joy were streaming down my face as the Lord lifted me from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh.  Praise God for prayer and victory through the prayer of brothers and sisters of like faith.  – Carol R, MD, Carlton, Oregon

As my mother constantly reminded me to go to the prayer meeting, I would constantly forget. But this morning my older sister wanted to pray with me and my other cousins, so I felt like it was finally time to feel the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Praying here today was one of the best experiences of fellowship I have ever had in my life. Often as a youth we are discouraged to go to things such as these, but the Lord has worked great wonders in just a short period of time!! I thank the Lord for this prayer meeting and for great fellowship. – Anthony T, a recent high school grad & freshman college student, South San Francisco, CA  

At camp meeting this last week I was praying and talking with Martin Kim and his wife Liana of ASAP Ministries.  They are 2 of the most praying people I think I have ever met.  Martin told me last week that his focus this year at Camp Meeting was to pray.  And pray they have.  Specifically, they are praying for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on the camp. They are helping to support a prayer meeting that is open every day during Camp Meeting from 7:00am to 9:00pm.  The prayers that are being lifted up are powerful.  They are also praying that every camper will come through and pray together. Don’t miss this amazing experience! – Malon B.

As I grew up I had no one to lean on, no one to go to for help. I was homeless for a while, so had no hope! So I grew up not just lonely but very lonely. I blamed my mom for allowing us to live like this, and I began to hate woman. I struggled with low self-esteem, hate, bitterness, and carried so much heaviness on my heart for years. When I came in the prayer group, I asked God for forgiveness and to help me.  I asked Him to show me if He was REAL. He did!! I will never be able to explain how wonderful I felt and what a blessing the prayer room was. I learned I could trust God through my trials and that He loves me and He has forgiven me. This united prayer is not just about “formal prayers” but about learning to get to know God better, about developing a relationship with our Creator! I went from a man of violence without hope, and now I have become a man of God, serving Him with my whole heart! – Francisco A, New believer, former drug addict and active gang member. Came out of jail May 15, 2010. Was worshipping man and not God, now worshipping God! Dinuba, CA

It was such a rich full experience to be able to spend an hour in prayer with my God and fellow brethren. I keep coming back because I could not survive without prayer!!! One evening I brought my son in because his hand was aching and was in minor pain. They prayed over him and in a couple of minutes the pain was gone, thank God. God listens when we pray even when it’s the smallest matter. – Kerenh G.  Child Care Provider, San Jose, CA

This was my first united prayer experience. When they announced it in the first meeting, I was shocked.  I thought that the 6:15 prayer hour was enough and I could not imagine praying more and missing the speakers that I paid to hear. In all honesty my husband came first. I asked how it was and he said awesome.  I wanted more info. I was even kind of frustrated that he wasn’t more descriptive.  So I came myself.  I was very shy.  I wasn’t sure if I would even like to pray out loud so others could hear.  Then Melissa said lets sing a hymn- and I’m thinking I have a horrible voice and these people are now going to hear me sing.  Then we prayed and I felt cleansed, a sense of being free. As if I was instantly being heard. I felt like it didn’t matter how well I prayed. I don’t even think I have ever prayed that long, but I needed more. I came back later that day and felt convicted to pour out my heart. I can’t say enough how much this has changed my experience, my weekend, and my life.  People truly felt like family afterwards, and I felt like I finally started my relationship with God. – Lisa W, Dental Assistant

My first time at ARME Bible Camp; I didn’t know what to think. It was beautiful country, quiet and homey. I hadn’t been to any of the meetings though, and I wasn’t prepared for what I was about to encounter spiritually. Before I came to camp, I had been struggling with a number of things, but one thing in particular was weighing on my heart: my faith in God. My faith was almost gone! God had done so many things in my life, and still I doubted Him. I mean, so many things should have kept my faith in God strong; for example; my mother was unable to have a baby, but she prayed for me, and God answered her prayer. As a young teen I lost faith in God completely – I started praying to the Devil, but God drew me to Him through His still, small voice (long story short). Dave Steward, ARME’s Vice President, directed the first meeting I attended. His soul was heavy with a request for his friend Victor whose heart had wandered from God. Dave had prayed and prayed for Victor, for years, but God was testing Dave’s faith and answering, “wait.”  Dave asked us Weimar students to pray for his friend Victor because his faith in God was weak. And we prayed-HARD! The next A.M. at 6:15, we gathered in the “united prayer room” to pray as a group. I was not very excited about spending a whole hour on my knees, but in the end I knew it was worth it. The Holy Spirit was there – I knew. A few days had passed and still no Victor. Was God going to answer? Then on Friday night I felt impressed to pray for Victor with Dave. I started to encourage Dave with whatever I could. We were in the united prayer room and there were just a few people left from the hour of prayer, but as we prayed I could feel the Holy Spirit within me. As we prayed, Bible texts of promises filled my lips and faith and strength filled my heart. God was going to answer my prayers and those of my friends around me. We ended the session by singing a song of praise to God for answering our prayer, for we had faith that we had asked and we would receive, and where two or more were gathered that God was there, and other such promises. God can’t lie. I know that God truly answers prayers. That very night, something so wonderful happened… Victor came!! Praise God!! I am still praying for Victor, but with a new life in my soul. I KNOW that God answers MY prayers and my faith is now strong in Jesus Christ MY SAVIOUR. Praise God! – Jaemi O. 18yrs, Junior at Weimar Academy/horse trainer in home-town of Covelo, CA 

[Editors Note: Victor, a high-risk youth Dave mentored for years and painfully watched fall back into crime and end up in prison, did come to ARME Bible Camp. Here he was convicted to give his life completely to Christ. He said he had known about the truth from Dave for many years, but NOW He finally had Christ in His heart! He is currently preparing to attend a Bible college, and needs continued prayers!]


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