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Flying toward the Kingdom!

The ARME Heir Force program, which runs simultaneously with each ARME Bible Camp, is developed by our Children’s Ministry Team – big kids who love seeing smaller kids fall in love with Jesus! The program focuses on encouraging a fervent prayer life, developing a passion for studying the Bible, and understanding God’s mission for His church. As the adults/youth are being equipped in the main meetings, the children are also learning as well in Heir Force. Many children have made decisions for Christ during their time at Heir Force.

The Heir Force is divided into three groups:

  • Jets 10-12 year olds fueled by the Word!

  • Rockets 7-9 year olds powered by the Holy Spirit!

  • Gliders 4-6 year olds flying along with Jesus!

    United Prayer Force:

    In Heir Force you will learn how to do United Prayer. It is conversation with Jesus and friends. There are four parts:

    • Praising God

    • Telling Jesus you’re sorry for your sins

    • Asking Him for help

    • Praising Him again

Sample Heir Force Shedule 


Christina Escamilla

Christina Escamilla

Heir Force Director

Your children will be in the wonderful care of  Mrs. Christina Escamilla. Christina is an RN, full time home school mom, and a recording vocal soloist. She has been involved in children’s ministries for more than 15 years. Christina was a certified lifeguard, is a graduate of AFCOE, and most recently a graduate from HEALTH.

She enjoys sharing the health message with all ages. Christina resides in Colfax, California with her two children Nathan and Hannah and her husband Henry who currently serves as the assistant director of HEALTH, a four month health evangelism school at Weimar institute in California.

Julia O’Carey

Julia O’Carey

Bible Teacher for Heir Force

Julia O’Carey, pictured to the left with her daughter Kaila. Julia has years of teaching experience, and loves the Word of God with all her heart. She also loves children and has a passion to share Jesus with them in a way they can understand. Currently she serves as the director of ASAP Ministries, a ministry that prayerfully disciples Asian nationals to be missionaries to their own people. Some of her favorite things to do are cooking, praying with friends, and working in the garden with her husband AJ and her twelve year old daughter Kaila. Julia is from Michigan.

Dawna Sawatzky

Dawna Sawatzky

Health Education Coordinator

Dawna Sawatzky, pictured to the left with her grandson. Dawna finds children, especially her grandchildren, to be a delight. As an RN, MPH Lifestyle Health Evangelist she has taught and worked serving as her husband’s “private missionary” with mission colleges and evangelistic teams worldwide. She has a particular interest in teaching children how the brain changes in developing the character of Christ, which is the process of sanctification. They learn that they are responsible for guarding their senses, which are the avenues to their souls which Satan wants to capture.

This team is supported by a great group of volunteers.