ARME Testimonies

Lives Changed by ARME

I thought ARME would be just another Bible camp, but ARME was way more than I expected! I praise God for ARME. – Dustin

This was the best conference I’ve ever attended – amazingly inspiring, and organized. The enthusiasm and passion of the staff is contagious. The presentation content was refreshing, enlightening and powerful. And the courtroom scene encouraged me to realize that defending my faith doesn’t have to be overwhelming. – Anonymous

You need to take this camp to every Union and globally!! We need this everywhere. – Testimony from first ARME 2009

ARME has rejuvenated me tremendously. I’ve never experienced anything so impacting in my walk with God! – Anonymous

Heir Force program was excellent. My children learned so much. Thank you! – Robert K. 

When I came to ARME, I thought my spiritual life was fine. ARME made me realize that I was settling for the bare minimum and that I have a lot more to learn. I really appreciated the Pastor’s testimonies, juicing the Bible and the Blueprint. But ARME needs to be longer. Five days are too short! – Kiara S.

I’m 12 years old, and I want to thank ARME for changing my life and inspiring me to start United Prayer in my own church! ARME was an immense blessing for me. I’ll never be the same. – Katelyn W.

I have been through our Bible worker training schools, attended numerous camps and conferences, and been part of ministry for years. Even now my husband and I work in full time evangelism ministry. However despite all this, it was not until attending the first ARME in 2009 that I finally learned how to have deep purposeful fruitful Bible Study for MYSELF. It was not until then that I experienced the power possible in prayer. ARME has totally revolutionized my devotional life! I just praise the Lord for this ministry that is truly doing a work like no other camp, conference or training program! Thank you!  – Anonymous Ministry Leader

This was my 3rd ARME and it just keeps getting better!!!! – A.J.

This conference has been an answer to YEARS of PRAYERS!!!! – Dorothy

ARME has changed my life. Any doubt of Adventism is long gone. The sanctuary message has given me an understanding of the Bible that I never thought possible!   Also learning the importance of prayer and how to pray… – Jeremy K.

ARME was a wake-up call that I needed. Testimony of Sung Hoon Kang was powerful. Need to have him in main session! – Todd

I went to ARME Bible Camp (Indiana) not knowing what to expect. If I had had ANY idea of what was going to be presented there, I would have encouraged everyone I know to cancel whatever plans they may have had for those four days and to come! I was blessed beyond measure! Pastor Myers gave everyone there “heartburn,” a heart on fire seeing how many hidden treasures are buried in God’s Word. Then there were the blessings of the prayer room, messages from other pastors, the heavenly singing & new friendships/prayer partners made. For the first time in my life I am setting my alarm an hour earlier so I can get up and have a prayer & devotional time before I go to work. Nothing I heard or saw before make me desire to try. And after the first week of doing this, I can honestly say I’m experiencing less fatigue at work than when I slept in that extra hour. Would not have believed it possible. ARME will inspire you to change your life! – Donna B.

After coming to ARME, God broke my heart (my pride, self-exaltation etc). My time with Jesus has been neglected. I realized I don’t know His Word as I should. I’m so thankful for the prayer and Bible study I experienced here at ARME. – Anonymous

I love that ARME is REAL….no fake stuff. The Lord provided for me to come…and it’s perfect just the way it is! – Tina

This past week (Feb. 2013) I attend ARME Bible Camp for the first time! I’m not sure if words can express what an amazingly incredible experience it was! I just thank God for introducing me to ARME! Thank you Ivor Myers and team for this ministry, I am so happy to be part of the ARME family, and so excited to see theHoly Spirit move in His people. Friends, what I learned in the 5 days at ARME is what we as a church need to be doing/teaching/living in these last days. We need to KNOW our Bibles inside and out; to lay hands on one another inprayer. In essence, to truly put God first in our lives. Until then, He will continue to wait patiently for His character to be perfectly reproduced in his people. The Lord is using this ministry in a mighty way to awaken many to His call! Thank you God for allowing me to be a part of the journey! I encourage EVERYONE, if you can make it, it will be one of the best experiences of your life! – Shawnah S.

I, and my adult daughter, attended ARME at UCA in Washington. We both loved it so much and it changed our lives! I’m 80 years old and I’ve been an Adventist my entire life. I never before experienced anything like ARME! Because of our time at ARME, we now have two prayer meetings going ~ one of them is at 6:30am at home and the other one meets early at church before Sabbath School begins. Also, our grand experience at ARME gave us a new focus of building relationships, with Jesus and with others rather than being so focused on the end-time.  Then we decided to do something to reach our community, so we organized a meeting to show “Forks over Knives” at a local community hall. Over 100 people showed up in our small community, and we knew it was a direct answer to ‘much’ prayer; God’s answer to our prayers was such a faith-building experience!  My daughter and I have also been studying the Blue Print, trying to learn how to share it. I’m proof that the three ARMS of ARME actually can work – Bible Study, Prayer and Witnessing! So, be encouraged and keep up the great work! By the way, we are praying that ARME will return to our area ~ we have many friends who long for the experience we had! – Theresa S.

The church is dying for want of the Word and this is one of the answers to this big problem. Thank you ARME! – Kelly K.

I’m a 3rd generation SDA, home-schooling mom, living in a small community. Never experienced anything like this before in my life. I feel revival. I made it through the all-night prayer – it was incredible. So much healing! I am convicted to take this home to my family, church, and dark community. I’m excited to be SDA again. My heart was so hard. I feel it softening. Heir Force program was excellent. Thanks to the leaders for all their hard work. I felt 100% safe leaving my children with the Heir Force staff. And my two children made decision to follow Jesus during this camp. Praise God! – Mary M.

If you need a great spiritual renewal and revitalization or if you just want to revolutionize the way you pray and study, ARME Bible Camp is the answer! I went with a family member in February (2013) and it was the best money we ever spent! You will NOT come away unchanged! – Shannon S.

I loved how caring the ARME staff is and how they truly build a family atmosphere at this camp. I’ve learned how to study my Bible deeply and how to see Jesus in everything. I prayed and asked God if he wanted me to come to ARME if he would provide the funds. He did. I’ve suffered from various medical conditions for over 4 years and the Lord has healed me physically, however I believe he brought me to ARME because He also wanted to heal my heart and mind.  I’m so blessed and I have heard his voice. Thank you! – Anonymous

Just want to give a huge THANK YOU to the ARME staff for their sacrifice, dedication, patience, and cheerfulness in all situations. You live what you are preaching. That is a powerful witness. This was the most amazing spiritual blessing. I needed this revival. I was raised SDA but never learned how to study my Bible. I am excited to apply the knowledge I have learned here in my personal devotions at home. I praise God for your ministry! – Anonymous

I have been an Adventist since I was 11 years old. I have never understood the old testament like I do now. I always read it because of it’s history. I was dried bones when I got here, but I leave with “HeartBurn!” Praise the Lord for ARME Bible Camp. May the Lord keep blessing you with all you do! – Hilda S.

God was obviously here! There are few places where so large a percent of the presenters, staff, and attendees are committed to Him. Keep this up. – Kyle

The Mock trial was sobering and I was convicted not only to study, but to share what I learn, to begin giving Bible studies. I was also convicted to improve my prayer life. – Marilyn G.

I appreciated most about ARME the new tools, techniques, laws in studying the word. The prayer times, and also how the speakers and staff did not think they were extra special but how everyone ate and worked together was impacting. I’ve only been in the church for a year, and have learned a lot, but now I have more tools to take home. THANK YOU ARME! – Anonymous

I came looking for new methods and was renewed in my relationship with the Savior. The messages were spirit-filled, the prayer, and music so good. I have been revived in my soul! – Michael B.

I was raised in the SDA church, but being here provided more clarity on our doctrines than my entire SDA education and my parents teaching – combined. – Kareema C.

I truly had the greatest experience of my life here at ARME! – Shantane M.

Through ARME God has revived my faith, and I have surrendered to Him my all! – Virna S.

ARME has rekindled my faith and trust in God and just blessed me and motivated me to give my life back to Him and finally to get baptized. – Laura S.

Eye-opening, mind-blowing, and hopefully life-changing! Life-long Seventh-day Adventist who has learned so much while being here! – Anonymous

The Blueprint has changed my life. I want everyone in my sphere of influence to know that God’s way is in the sanctuary. ARME has confirmed my calling to ministry! All the speakers (Pastor Myers, Pastor Ratsara, Emanuel Baek, Christopher Kramp, John Bradshaw, Doug Batchelor, Taj Pacleb) were amazing and had empowering messages. – JeAnn D.

I have a long testimony…it wont fit here… – Gisella S.

The wonderful mix of in depth Bible study and inspirational sessions was amazing. What a privilege to receive so much blessing. The lady (Kim) who handled all the room housing assignments was an angel! – Sharon

Never heard such power messages and such truth. Love you all so much! – Kathie C.

Felt like I missed the “boat/ark” when I missed attending the two Pine Spring Ranch ARME’s, so I am relieved to have finally made it! – Darlene H.

I saw Jesus shining through the lives of the staff and presenters.  ARME has surpassed my expectations. I have been blessed and am overflowing. I pray thisweekend will continue in my heart as I return home and share and inspire others. I will be encouraging everyone I know to attend. – Debbie

God worked miracles for us to be here and we were blessed and inspired to “agonize in prayer” for those on our prayer list because of Ratsara’s powerful devotionals. We were also encouraged to study deeper by the powerful training sessions with Myers, and loved the enthusiastic participation of all in the singing. It’s so wonderful to see the many that were converted and we as a PUC church will draw closer to God and prepare for His soon coming as a result from this camp. – Anonymous

I came here confused, lost and lacking Jesus, but now I have Him back and I am REVIVED. Keep up the good work! – Sanobia H.

The united prayer and spiritual food was from the Lord. Pastor Ratsara was God sent, and I finally understand God’s will for my life. Pastor Myers message “the Blueprint” has challenged me and I will strive to study and share it. I understand more clearly the plan of salvation. The choice of songs with the music, and the children’s participation with Heir Force was commendable. Praise the Lord. – Harold

Thank you so much for live-streaming. Because of live-streaming, friends and church members were able to attend. – Carol P.

I’ve heard the Blueprint message before, but each time I hear it, I still gasp and sit there with the widest eyes ever. I want to thank you Pastor Myers for all that you’ve done for God and for the church. – Emma I.

ARME has transformed my life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically, since my stress has been surrendered to God. The inspirational sermons and training renewed my hope and belief that God can use even me. There are 21 Spanish speaking countries throughout the world that need this ministry. I’d love to help translate. – Keren K.

Eye-opening and life changing experience. Took for granted the mountains of gold I’ve been sitting on as an SDA. – Douglas

Love all the music and singing. When we would sing, the hairs on my arms would stand up! – Derrick

Coming to ARME inspired me and gave me the tools to study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy more effectively and to have a more intimate prayer life. Because of this I will be a more effective witness of God’s love, of Redemption, and of our special end-time message. The passion and knowledge of the speakers was inspiring, and the fellowship with others who have the same desire to be revived and reformed was such a blessing. – Beth H.

I grew up in the church, but never realized that deep Bible study can be achieved by a lay-person like me. Praise God for ARME! – Sean

My 10 year old son went forward in the call for baptism. Thank you ARME for being such a blessing. – Greg

All night prayer was powerful and well organized. The answers to prayer and testimonies that were shared were powerful! (I love how everyone, even children were included.) I appreciate how ARME focuses on the fundamentals of bringing people back to prayer and Bible study and the importance of evangelism. – Tracy

ARME has blessed me by giving me the tools as well as the messages to study, witness and pray. Wow! I am forever changed. – Jacquelyn L.

Coming to ARME, you cannot go home unchanged! – Armando R.

Thank you ARME team! You have blessed many. Prayers are lifted up for the team as you continue to equip us to further the Kingdom of God and finish the work. He is coming soon! – Todd & Tracy

ARME Bible Camp was “Incomparable” to any camp I’ve ever been to! I received abundant blessings from Heaven. Thank you! – Juan A.

I can’t thank you enough for being willing to yield to the Lord since ARME was the result. This past weekend was powerful for my husband and I. I started Prayer 90X as soon as I got home and already God has revealed himself in more powerful ways than I could have imagined. I was actually gleaning deep thoughts from the Word and seeing God apply it to my heart…I felt that this ARME far surpassed Soquel (although I loved that too) but I really do feel equipped to study on my own now and I would love to help your ARME ministry in any way I can. I’m already praying for all the people I want to go through….but a year a way seems too long? God is coming soon! Anyway, thank you for all your hard work in making it what it was…The prayer room was such a necessary and precious component to add. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. – Sarah R.

There isn’t enough space to put into words what ARME did for me. I came weary, frustrated, but hopeful. I am leaving renewed, invigorated, and divinely favored. Keep doing what you are doing! – Flo T.

I first learned about ARME Bible Camp on 3ABN in early March 2010. I had been praying that God would show me how to go into a deeper study of the Bible and I felt that this was an answer to my prayer. I have been so blessed by ARME, and I praise the Lord for His mercy on us that He answers our deepest needs and longings of our hearts. I will definitely go home and share what God has taught me here at ARME! – Raquel R

Some of the things I liked most about ARME was: the lessons from the speakers, the 6:15 am group prayer time, and the love of Jesus I felt in the United Prayer. The enemy tried to distract me and get me to leave, but I stayed, and I am so glad I did. Now I am going to Bible School for more training! – Angel M.

I was too blessed at ARME. I am not leaving the same person I came, PTL. I loved the training, the united prayer, and the food was great! – Anonymous

The following testimony is from Weimar Academy staff – over 55 students attended ARME in Leoni Meadows, CA as a Start-off to their school year: The students really enjoyed serving with the ARME team in the video, sound, prayer, clerical and other departments. The united prayer was also an amazing experience for the students at Weimar. Regarding the prayer time, one student told us: “I thought that I couldn’t pray for more than 5 minutes. I thought prayer was like what the pastor does every week in church and I couldn’t see myself going for 5-10 minutes, let alone 1 hour! I didn’t want to go to the prayer meeting, but the Holy Spirit kept encouraging me to go, so I went.  It was amazing.  It was not what I expected, it was like having a conversation with God and I liked it.” Also, regarding the teaching, we all felt that the instructors really wanted us to learn how to study for ourselves. They gave us tips and techniques that they use without trying to hoard them all for themselves. We felt like they really cared for us and that they sincerely wanted God’s will to be done here in the last days. Thank you for a great experience! – Weimar Academy Staff

ARME Bible Camp taught me practically how to read and understand the Bible, which I didn’t know before I came. I have no suggestions for improvement. –  Logan F.

ARME has really opened my eyes to prayer and how even I, by the power of God, can impact the world and beyond. I loved the emphasis on prayer, the emphasis on evangelism, and the powerful messages. Maybe in the future we could have longer prayer chapel hours. Keep up the good work. – JoAnna H.

I praise God for your faith, love, talents, dedication, and months of intense work that resulted in another successful ARME Bible Camp! It exceeded our expectations!  What a powerful ministry!  Thank you!  Thank you! Specifically I want to say that I think you have an excellent prayer ministry, superb selection of speakers, wonderful godly Children’s Program with coordinated themed crafts; great supervision and adult to child ratios, dedicated volunteer ARME staff – Efficient, polite, responsive, helpful, caring, helpful volunteers helping unload baggage, great over all organization – Program, Name tags, T-shirts, DVDs, etc., and the greeting as we drove in, including the water and heartwarming prayer was one of the best welcomes I’ve ever received!  It set the tone for an awesome spiritual camp! THANK YOU ONCE MORE!!! – Jane S.

I am determined, after coming to ARME, to change my life and go boldly to spread the truth. The messages were just for me, the positive environment and the prayer room were among the things I appreciated the most. Please come to San Francisco!  – Teina F.

I came here seeking to understand the Bible even deeper and the 5 dimensions workshop definitely did that for me! I really liked the “Unity” we all had in Christ, the “Power of Prayer” that I found here, and the practical tools I gained in Bible Study. My only suggestions would be that the prayer chapel start earlier and end later, and that we have even longer Q&A time with the speakers. Over all though, ARME was AWESOME!! – Jesse J. [ARME Staff Note: our Prayer team staffed the Prayer Chapel from 7am-9pm….I think in the future we are gonna need to keep it open 24 hrs a day!]

I thank the Lord so much for the opportunity to come to ARME. The people were friendly, the food was great, the messages were powerful, and I am so in love with the power of prayer now! Continue praying for greater work and greater faith with ARME! – Torea O.

Last year I hear about ARME Bible camp from my good friend Taj Pacleb. So I decided to attend for the weekend meetings. I was so blessed by the speakers, by the united prayer, by the Bible study, and by this spiritual family.  After going back home I was impressed to share what I have learned with my local church. It is always a blessing to get new insight at different revivals and gatherings. When I heard this year another ARME was being held at Leoni meadows, I immediately signed up. So far this year I have been blessed with new findings and new friendships in Christ. God has impressed upon my heart to get away from everyday work in the hospital to serve Him in ministry. I have learned so much and am ready to share it with others. – Adam N.

This camp has changed the way I prayed, talked and thought about God! The attitude of the leaders, the seminars and the united prayer were some of the things I liked the most! – Frederick P.

One of the things that I was NOT expecting to do this month was come to ARME Bible Camp. I had decided I don’t want to keep going to different revival camp meetings and conferences and then go back home the same person. I told myself, “I know what it’s all about already! I’ve been there and done that.” But I heard about the Prayer here, and little did I realize what God had in store for me this week! Before I came I was actually reading something in the testimonies for the church about the IMPORTANCE of Bible Camp meetings and the revival it brings our lives, so that’s what made me decide to come! So praise the Lord I came. At first when I was here listening to the messages, I had the sense that “Ok, here’s another sermon I’ve already heard.” And I kept telling myself not to think that way. Then she kept inviting us to come to the united prayer meeting. And I finally told myself, “I need to do this!” So God woke me up the first morning. I am NOT a morning person, but He ummm…..woke me up at 4am! I only had 5 hours of sleep! However, amazingly, I wasn’t tired. So the first thing I did was go to the prayer chapel. There wasn’t anyone there yet, but I just got on my knees and asked the Lord to just be with me. Long story short, it became a regular thing! I would come into the meetings here and then I would feel the Lord telling me to “Go to the prayer chapel.” He began to show me that the very thing I was lacking in my devotional life was PRAYER!He showed me that if I was at home on my knees, and just doing that obligatory prayer, “I gotta do this because it’s the right thing to do” It’s not enough. But praying in unity with my brothers and sisters and sharing….I can’t emphasize it enough, how impacting this is! When you feel like you need a revival, but you aren’t sure how God is going to do it, just move forward in faith in prayer….it was this, of all things – not a Bible study or sermon, or listen to Bible, but actually learning to be ON MY KNEES and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to work that has changed my life! We need to walk more by faith and less by sight! Thank you for what you are doing here! – Vani S.

This is my first time at ARME Bible camp, and it’s been so empowering. I listened this morning as I received tips on how to pray and seek GOD for answers. –  Anonymous

I’ve been in many prayer groups, however I was always ashamed to speak out my prayer requests or my thanks giving to the Lord. Today I felt empowered by the Holy Spirit and I Let Go and Let GOD! My faith level was boosted higher then it’s ever been. – Tijan T.

This experience at ARME has not only revived me, but encourage me to help revive my family and my church. I loved the set-up of the program, the messages, and the prayer room. – Anthony T.

This is the second ARME I have been to. I first went to Canby and now came to Leoni Meadows. But let me back-up and give you some background! About a year and a half ago, I was smoking pot every day, all day. The guy I worked for GREW pot, so he paid me in pot. Because of the way I was living my life, you know all the other things that go along with that. I was really messed up and I ended up hitting rock bottom. Because I didn’t have a job, I was forced to move back to Ukiah, CA with my parents. While I was there, I met up with some people who had attended the first ARME Bible Camp in Soquel, CA in 2009. Because of the things they had learned at ARMe Bible camp, they ended up using some of the tools they had learned, and started taking me through Bible studies.  As a result, I ended up going up to the Bible camp in Oregon and there made the decision to get re-baptized. I grew up SDA, but had obviously fallen away. So because they had gone to ARMe Bible camp, they learned the tools that they needed to have to bring me back to the place where I needed to be to realize that I could be re-baptized and here I am again….just reaping the amazing blessings that are here, and just listening to the amazing messages that God is speaking through His speakers. So, if you have anyone back at your home that seems like they are a lost cause, I encourage you to reach out to them, and hopefully they will be at the next ARME Bible Camp. – Martin

[Calvin followed up this testimony with a question for Martin. “So let me ask you this? You didn’t have to go to Rehab??” Nope! “No hospital??” Nope! “No treatment?” Nope, not at all! “So it was just the Holy Spirit and ARME?” Yep! “Praise God!” And God’s people all said, AMEN!! This is what we call, in the ARME Unit Manual, “Effective CPR!”]

Good Morning! It’s 2:52am… As I woke up a few minutes ago – this thought came to mind and I am struggling to put it into the right words at this hour. The experience at Leoni, ARME – it was like a small Pentecost.  There were people there from a great diversity of places and each one going home has not been able to contain their experience or their joy of the time spent at Leoni with Jesus in prayer. He has lit a fire that will not be soon quenched, but will continue to grow and light the whole earth. Jesus is coming soon! You talk of doing 4 camps next year! Are 4 camps next year going to be enough as the fire spreads? I am here looking up toward heaven with that awestruck “Wow Lord,” and sitting in wonder before praying and talking with the Lord until day break. What a time to be living!  Going back to Acts. Acts 2:42 talks about how they kept the fire going. As I was reading this, one of the last emails that David Gates sent out came to mind – he spoke about how people would soon be giving everything to share Jesus. Praise God! –  Kim G.

Survey Comments from our FIRST ARME Bible Camp at Soquel CA, 2009

“My experience here was BEYOND WORDS. God is getting His soldiers in line with Heavenly agencies to finish the work!”

“This was an eye-opening start to my journey of Bible study and devotion to the time spent alone with my Lord.”

“God has incredibly blessed and renewed my love for His Word through this conference. I love Him so much.”

“Through Pastor Myers (and the others) my heart and mind has been transformed and equipped to see Christ in ALL of the Scriptures. Praise the Lord.”

“An awesome experience packed to overflowing of vital spiritual food that I will have to digest for many months. The emphasis of the morning prayers were so powerful!”

“It has opened my eyes to all I have been missing in not truly having a close relationship with Jesus, and has given me tools to grow this relationship to be strong. Also made me want to share this with others.”

“This was an amazing, life-changing, and eye-opening event that has changed my life and the way I do business.”

“Loved Stephen Bohr’s presentations, Pastor Myers, Emanuel Baek, Doug Batchelor, & Taj Pacaleb as well. Everything was so convicting, and yet practical. The morning prayer sessions with Martin Kim were powerful, and I loved all the testimonies. The vegan food was excellent.”

“The personal atmosphere, love of everyone towards each other, the agape banquet, and the deep Biblical messages shared. My eyes have been opened. Thank you!”

“I am so excited to take this back home to share with my church. I learned so much about personal Bible study. It’s exciting!”

“I cannot express the blessing received here!”

“Was impacted so much by the deep quality of the speaker’s messages, the atmosphere of reverence and the prayer times. I am going to cross the Jordan and stop sending spies!”

“Powerful presentations from each speaker with no competition between ministries, great break-out sessions, powerful prayer time. My mind and life has been revolutionized. Keep doing this PLEASE!!! The godly unity of the staff and speakers was inspiring.”

“For 20 years I have believed that God would raise up an ARMY of YOUTH rightly trained…I see it happening, Praise God!”

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